"Be Prepared --- For anything
Mother Nature or life in general
might throw at your family"
Now is a great time to stock up on
emergency food you can count on

• Great tasting food, gourmet recipes
• Up to 25-year shelf life -- No rotation, no fuss
• Just add water to prepare food for your family
• Packed in sealed buckets for rodent protection



If a natural disaster strikes --- earthquake, volcanic eruption, floods, cyclone, bushfire, etc. --- the only thing you can pretty much guarantee is you will be on your own for at least the first few weeks after the event and possibly much longer. Especially in a large scale event, there will be thousands of households just like yours waiting for disaster relief efforts to get rolling. With these food buckets, you have enough food to be able to feed your family while you're waiting for help to arrive or while you figure out your next steps.

To make meals for your family, all you need do is boil some water and add it to the contents of a 4-serve pouch. You can also use cold water if that's all you have available --- it will still work fine. The buckets contains a mix of 10 different mains meals sealed in 4-serve mylar pouches. All the food in these buckets are freeze-dried or dehydrated --- so with the addition of water, the food will completely reconstitute itself. Within ten minutes, the food will regain its original flavour, shape, colour and texture. 

Even more importantly, the food will retain its original nutritional value as well.  While the ease of preparing the food is important, the significant benefit of these buckets are they have an incredibly long shelf life of up to 25 years. That means you can put it in a cupboard at home in 2017 and you will still be able to use it if anything happens before 2042. As long as you store the buckets somewhere which is cool and dry, you're all set to enjoy great tasting food at any time you need it in the next 25 years. Store it and forget it --- until you need it. That's why we suggest every home in New Zealand should have emergency food sitting in a cupboard somewhere.



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Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"We had no power for seven days. . . . but it was such a relief not to have to worry about food because I had an emergency supply of Wise food."
"Wise company meals are proportioned and packaged perfectly in order to ensure there is no waste."
"The key to survival is being prepared with the right supplies ... because disaster can strike at any moment."
Why You Need Emergency Food
You're prepared in the event of disasters
Earthquakes, tsunamis, bushfires, floods and more can and will happen at some point in the next 25 years. They may even strike your home or district in the next year or so. With Wise food and a little water, you can feed your family in the event of a natural disaster of any kind.
Great tasting, gourmet food
The buckets have been prepared by America's leading manufacturer of emergency food. Wise Company has many years of experience in making emergency food which tastes great, has an impressively long shelf life and can be stored at home easily and simply. Put a bucket or two in your cupboard at home and forget about them until you need them. This is like food insurance!
Affordable and Convenient
Each bucket contains 120-servings of great tasting emergency food. There is a mix of ten mains meals flavours and three breakfasts, all packaged in 4-serve pouches so there is no waste. You can open the bucket and use just part of it or all of it. Great meals include Savory Stroganoff, Teriyaki & Rice, Creamy Pasta Rotini & Veges and more. Breakfasts include Crunchy Granola and Apple Cinnamon cereal. You won't believe how well you will eat.
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